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Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation

उत्पाद विवरण:
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस: चीन
ब्रांड नाम: Y&X
प्रमाणन: ISO 9001 /ISO 14001/ISO 45001
मॉडल संख्या: सोडियम एथिल ज़ैंथेट
भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:
न्यूनतम आदेश मात्रा: 1t
पैकेजिंग विवरण: स्टील ड्रम, लकड़ी का बक्सा, टन बैग पैकिंग
प्रसव के समय: 7-20 दिन
भुगतान शर्तें: टी/टी
आपूर्ति की क्षमता: 50,000 टन / वर्ष
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विस्तार जानकारी

नाम: ज़ैंथेट प्लवनशीलता के लिए खनिज संग्राहक सोडियम एथिल ज़ैंथेट 90% सेक्स रंग: पीला
दर्जा: दानेदार कण छड़ी संतुष्ट: ≥ 90%
मुक्त क्षार: ≤ 0.2% पानी और अस्थिर: ≤ 4.0%
घुलनशीलता: पानी में घुलनशील, कोई अशुद्धता नहीं रासायनिक सूत्र: C2H5OCS2Na
कैस: 140-93-2 प्रमाणपत्र: आईएसओ
कुंजी शब्द: सोडियम एथिल ज़ैंथेट श्रेणी: प्रीमियम ग्रेड
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mineral sodium ethyl xanthate


sodium ethyl xanthate collector


sodium ethyl xanthate for flotation

उत्पाद विवरण

Mineral collectors For Xanthate Flotation Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% SEX

sodium ethyl xanthate Product introduction


Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, a distinctive pale yellow free-flowing powder or pellet, boasts a potent aroma. With its characteristic solubility in water, this compound finds diverse applications in mineral processing, particularly as a flotation agent. Notably, it exhibits susceptibility to decomposition upon encountering acids and heat, making it an ideal reagent for selective separation processes.


sodium ethyl xanthate Product table


Free Alkaly(%)≤0.20.16
Moisture And Volatile(%)≤4.03.71


Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation 0

Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation 1


Principal uses:

Sodium Ethyl Xanthate stands as the zenith of collectors within the xanthate domain, celebrated for its unmatched selectivity. Its expertise truly shines when handling the complexities of fine or intricate sulfide minerals during preferential flotation. Imagine its orchestration in the flotation of copper and lead oxide ores, supported by vulcanizing agents. Yet, its influence stretches further. Visualize Sodium Ethyl Xanthate as the driving force behind precipitation in hydrometallurgical processes, playing a pivotal role in refining zinc electrolytes and catalyzing rubber sulfidation. Sodium Ethyl Xanthate delivers unparalleled selectivity at a fraction of the cost, marking it as a true gem among xanthates. When faced with sulfide or multi-metallic ores, Sodium Ethyl Xanthate secures paramount selectivity.



Sodium Ethyl Xanthate


Steel Drum

Packing: UN approved 110kg net full opened head steel drum with polyethylene bag lining inside.

Packing: UN approved 160kg net full opened head steel drum with polyethylene bag lining inside

4 drums for each pallet.

Quantity: 134 drums per 20'FCL, 14.74MT.

Quantity: 80 drums per 20'FCL, 12.8MT.

Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation 2


Wooden Box

Packing: UN approved 850kg net jumbo bag inside UN approved wooden box on pallet.

Quantity: 20 boxes per 20'FCL, 17MT.

Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation 3


Ton bag

Woven bags lined with plastic bags,25-50KG/ Bag


Mineral Sodium Ethyl Xanthate 90% Sex Collectors For Flotation 4
Keep away from wet, fire and sunshine. To avoid decomposing, don’t be used in acid circumstance. When opening the bag, keep away from any warm object. Wear ocular and anti-toxin respirator to protect your skin, eye and nonnasality. In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minute.





Q1. Where is your factory located?

Our factory is in shandong, China. Located in an independent chemical park.


Q2. Can you give me a better price?

We value the cooperation with each customer and will provide you with the most favorable price.


Q3. How can you guarantee your quality?

Our production adopts fully automated production control to ensure the continuity of production and the stability of quality.

We have a strict production quality management system. Strict quality control is implemented on the raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and products leaving the factory.

Quality first has always been the basic principle of our company. We also support customers to obtain samples for testing.


Q4. When is the delivery time?

Our production capacity: Xanthate: 50,000t/a; Dithiophosphate: 20,000t/a; Frother: 10,000t/a

For conventional products, we will keep inventory to ensure timely delivery within the time required by customers.


Q5: Which type of shipping would be better?

In consideration of the requirements of the customers in different rigions, we make deliveries by sea, air, train, truck, etc.


Q6: What's the convenient way to pay?

Bank T/T, Paypal be accepted. If you have a better idea, welcome to share with us.


Q7: Can I get a sample?

Yes, you are welcome to get samples for testing.

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